Are you trying to access TSC online recruitment portal 2023 If yes, I will gladly show you how to access the Kenya Teaching Service Commission recruitment portal in this article.

I know for sure, one of the fundamental reason why you wish to access TSC online recruitment portal is probably to apply for a job.

Logging to the Kenyan Teaching Service Commission (TSC) is quite simple, same goes to submitting an application but there are possible mistakes you should avoid and that’s exactly why you need to read this article to the end.

What is TSC Online Recruitment Portal?

TSC online recruitment portal is the digital gateway set up by Kenya government for the Teaching Service Commission to enable job seekers easily access and submit their application form.

It is on this note that, applying for TSC recruitment is mainly done through this portal. So, to apply for a job, candidates to simply visit the website then fill and submit the application form.

How Do I Login TSC Recruitment Portal Online?

To access the Teaching Service Commission online recruitment portal, you need basically a smart phone and internet connectivity.

In this regard, if you have these criteria, follow the steps below to access TSC recruitment portal.

Step 1: Opening the web link

Using any browser of your choice, type in the URL section and enter. This would launch you to TSC home page.

Remember the aim is to apply for job, so it’s not over by just accessing the portal’s home page.

Step 2: Input your Login Details

Input your TSC number, ID number and then phone number to login.

Step 3: Select the position you wish to apply

From the list of vacant position provide once you login, select the position that best matches your academic and professional qualifications.

Step 4: Filling TSC Online Job Application Form

Now, that you have selected the position of your choice, the online form will open, carefully fill in your authentic data and watch out for possible mistakes.

Also, upload required documents, proofread and then submit your application. Ensure the documents you upload are in line with the sizes specified on the recruitment portal. – TSC Online Recruitment Portal Link

Some persons seeking to apply for TSC recruitment tends to be confuse about the different between the several TSC portals.

Features of the TSC Online Recruitment Portal

The TSC Online Recruitment Portal has a number of features that make applying for teaching jobs simpler for job searchers. Among the essential characteristics are:

Job Openings/Vacancies: The site enables job seekers to access real-time listings for open positions. New job openings are routinely added to the web, and candidates can narrow their search depending on their education and work history.

Application Forms: Applicants can fill out and submit online application forms through the portal. Users can save their progress and return to the application at a later time because the forms are user-friendly.

Uploading Documents: Candidates can upload their supporting papers, including diplomas, transcripts, and proofs of identity, directly to the portal.

As a result, the application procedure takes less time and is less expensive because there is no longer a requirement for physical submission of documents.

Application tracking: With the portal, applicants can keep tabs on the status of their applications. Users can examine any updates or feedback offered by the TSC, view the progress of their application, and sign up to receive email or SMS notifications.

Why TSC Online Recruitment Portal?

There are differs reasons for the use of Kenya Teaching Service Commission (TSC) online recruitment portal, some of which includes:


The portal has streamlined and made the recruitment process more efficient. The use of online application forms, document upload, and application tracking features has reduced the time and cost of the recruitment process.


The portal has simplified the application process for job seekers. Applicants for teaching positions can apply from anywhere in the country as long as they have internet access.


The portal has improved the recruitment process’s transparency. Applicants can view available job openings, track the status of their application, and receive TSC updates and feedback.


The portal has made the recruitment process more equitable. When making hiring decisions, the TSC uses a merit-based system that takes into account applicants’ qualifications and experience.


TSC Online Recruitment Portal has transformed the teacher recruitment process in Kenya. The portal has improved the efficiency, accessibility, transparency, and fairness of the application process.

Job seekers can now apply for teaching positions from anywhere in the country and track their progress through the portal

The TSC has benefited from the portal as well, as it has reduced the time and costs associated with the recruitment process.

Overall, the TSC Online Recruitment Portal has been a huge success, raising the standard of education in Kenya by ensuring that qualified and competent teachers are hired for teaching positions.

If you have further questions concerning the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) recruitment portal, kindly indicate in the comment section below.