About us 

TIBU Health is an early stage omnichannel health technology company changing the way patients interact and receive healthcare services in Africa.

Our mission is to leverage technology to streamline the patient journey and reorganize how services are delivered to better connect patients to services and professionals at a time and location of their choosing. We think healthcare is broken. We’re working hard to fix it.

Your profile

We are looking for an autonomous, self-driven Senior Medical Officer who will work as part of the Medical Team to ensure continued excellence in the delivery of Healthcare services by TIBU Health. We are looking for someone who can identify new and relevant ideas & solutions and work on their integration into our business model.

You should be able to lead clinical programs developed by our medical team. This would involve developing clinical offerings and regimens for patients, businesses, and insurers. They should be able to build the standard operating procedures for delivering healthcare services within the Clinical program. Will work closely with the CMO/COO to ensure services are delivered according to best practices and establish appropriate patient follow-up mechanisms. You will assist in recruiting and coordinating employees within relevant clinical programs and make relevant adjustments to the program to ensure the best patient experience in Africa.

Roles and responsibilities


  1. Lead the growth and development of assigned/ relevant clinical programs.
  2. Develop the standard operating procedures for the execution of services within the relevant clinical program.
  3. Develop the patient follow-up and monitoring protocols for the relevant clinical program.
  4. Ensure compliance with external regulatory bodies and standards boards during developing products and services.
  5. Ensures to adhere to established guidelines for service delivery and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  6. Work closely with the engineering team to develop the appropriate technology and platforms for the automation and support of the relevant clinical program..
  7. Liaise with corporate partners and our business development team to promote the growth of relevant clinical programs.
  8. Work with their supervisor to identify and recruit staff needed for relevant clinical programs.
  9. Pilot, test, and monitor all aspects of the relevant clinical program to ensure optimal patient experience, outcomes, and operational efficiency within the company.
  10. Provide management reports, dashboards, and tools for monitoring the clinical program.
  11. Manage and supervise employees deployed to relevant clinical programs.
  12. Other related duties as assigned by your supervisor.


Shall spend approximately 20% (or as agreed with supervisor) of their time providing clinical services, which shall range from:

  1. Quality audit of clinical work performed by juniors e.g. documentation
  2. Direct patient service provision ie. consultations, examination, procedures, formulating diagnosis, investigating, and providing management
  3. Patient health education
  4. Capacity building and training of juniors
  5. Practice management and administration
  6. Liaising with other healthcare professionals as part of multidisciplinary teams
  7. Providing emergency care if needed
  8. Shall maintain a valid practicing medical license
  9. Continuous medical education


  1. Medical Degree, further training added advantage
  2. Minimum of 4 years of experience post internship as a registered Medical Officer
  3. Experience in digital health/ telehealth/ virtual care
  4. Experience in management
  5. Experience in Quality
  6. Valid ATLS/ACLS/BLS certification (Desirable)
  7. Ability to work long hours, often under pressure
  8. Communication skills, including empathy and the ability to provide clear explanations
  9. Critical thinking and problem solving
  10. Drive to continue learning throughout the career
  11. Attention to detail.