Terms of Reference

The Sub-Office Dadaab oversees three refugee camps known as Ifo, Dagahaley and Hagadera. Dadaab refugee complex is located in the North-Eastern region of Kenya. By end of July 2022, the total population of the camp stands at about 233,736 registered refugees and asylum seekers, 96% of whom are of the Somali nationality.

In line with the 2016 Plan of Action adopted by the Government of Kenya (GoK) , the UNHCR Global Strategies, the Global Compact on Refugees and the Kenya Interim Strategy, UNHCR put its emphasis on solutions and its priorities will be carried out in the spirit of the 25 March 2017 Nairobi Declaration along with the joint UNHCR and GoK 2021 Roadmap on Protection and Durable Solutions for Somali refugees and reintegration of returnees in Somalia including other regional, international and national/county commitments and plans.
UNHCR will continue in the spirit of responsibility sharing in line with GCR/CRRF to actively search for solutions with the Government in the lead. Voluntary repatriation, resettlement and complementary pathways and facilitation of access to social and economic rights are part of the current solutions strategy for refugees in Kenya.
The Senior Durable Solutions Assistant is part of the Durable Solutions team. She/he reports to the Durable Solutions Officer. The Senior Durable Solutions Assistant contributes to the implementation of the Protection and Solutions strategy in the Dadaab Sub-Office.

Standard Job Description
Senior Durable Solutions Assistant

Organizational Setting and Work Relationships
The Senior Durable Solutions Assistant reports to a Durable Solutions Associate or Officer.

The incumbent is relied upon to contribute to the implementation of a durable solutions strategy. Contributing to fostering an environment to enhance partnerships is a critical element of the work, as are activities designed to strength the involvement of refugee communities and their hosts in the design and implementation of solutions strategies.