With over 70 years of experience, our focus is on helping the most vulnerable children overcome poverty and experience fullness of life. We help children of all backgrounds, even in the most dangerous places, inspired by our Christian faith.


Come join our 34,000+ staff working in nearly 100 countries and share the joy of transforming vulnerable children’s life stories!


Key Responsibilities:

Provide timely talent acquisition and employee contract management for WVK to promote child wellbeing outcomes.


% Time

Major Activities

End Results Expected


Recruitment & Selection

  • Provide staffing services to the National Office ensuring that World Vision recruits the right people in the right place at the right time.
  • Ensure achievement of World Vision’s diverse staffing needs by providing proactive sourcing; accountable, transparent, and focused recruitment processes; and expert support to hiring managers
  • Provide technical guidance to the hiring managers in the development of job descriptions and ensure that proposed jobs are subjected to hay evaluation and are aligned to the approved WVK structures.
  • Coordinate and guide the selection process including short listing and interviewing candidates
  • Conduct candidates screening in accordance to the WVK Polices
  • negotiate pay package for successful candidates and extend employment offers to successful candidates
  • Provide timely updates to the Hiring managers and P & C teams to ensure smooth staff orientation and induction.
  • Ensure timely management of recruitment related conflicts and disputes
  • Provide timely reports i.e.  recruitment plans, interview reports and recruitment status reports.



  • Timely recruitment and placement of staff
  • High retention rate of newly recruited staff
  • Excellent candidates experience during recruitment
  • Credible reports generated for decisions making



Employee Contract Management

  • Administer employment contracts, ensuring that appointments, contract renewals, contract extensions and separations are effected timely as per policy.
  • Coordinate changes in employee movement including acting appointments, promotions transfers, deployments, special appointments, to ensure timely appointments and advise payroll accordingly.
  • Track respective Grants Cycle and ensure timely staff contracts renewals and extensions and non-renewals are effected.
  • Ensure compliance of Contract management process with employment legislation to avoid litigation.
  • Process staff separations owing to resignations, terminations, retirements, end of contracts, death among others to ensure timely update of such changes on staff records, People & Culture Information System and payroll processes and work with hiring managers to ensure timely replacements of such separated staff who need to be replaced.
  • Ensure completeness and correctness of staff data on People & Culture Information Systems and conduct periodic reviews to ensure that errors are maintained at 0%
  • Provide accurate and timely contracts management status reports.



  • Timely employee contract management
  • Timely update of employee changes son HRIS
  • Timely processing of Employee changes
  • Zero error rates on the HRIS


Work Force planning & Grants Acquisition

  • Collaborate with Directors to ensure timely development and implementation of Work Force Plans (WFP)
  • Provide recruitment expertise during the Proposal development/ grant acquisition process to ensure that proposed grants have the right structures, staffing levels and Job Descriptions that meet the required standards.
  • Identify and analyze staffing needs from the WFP and the Grants Acquisition process and collaborate with line managers for strategic prepositioning of staffing capacity.
  • Develop and ensure updated pool of qualified candidates Contextualization and implementation of Diversity plan.


  • Workforce plans in place
  • WVK positioned for more funding


  • Alignment of Grants positions with the WVK Structure


  • Recruitment of grant staff before grant start date


  • Credible pool of candidates for future consideration developed and maintained.


Collaboration & Networks

  • Actively participate in roll out of P & C initiatives
  • Participate in committees and taskforces, as assigned
  • Participation in Inter agency workgroups and other Networks
  • Strengthened collaborations for greater impact



  • Participate in Trans teams and support other initiatives by partners in the spirit of integration
  • Any other duties as might be assigned from time to time
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Gain experience in other fields.




List education, knowledge & skills, licenses preferred, and all experiences required to perform this position in a fully competent manner.


Minimum education, training and experience requirements to qualify for the position:

List academic requirements (if applicable), technical skills, or other knowledge required as a minimum qualification for this position.

Must have a university degree in Human Resource Management or related field A professional diploma in Human Resources Management is required if the first degree is not in HRM A minimum of four years’ experience in human resources Experienced in recruiting, interviewing and conducting job evaluations. Have knowledge of HR Information system Proficiency in computer applications. Experienced in cross-cultural environment. Must be conversant with the local and international labor legislations Experience working in the INGO in a similar role


List additional work experience required as a minimum qualification for this position.

Have knowledge of HR information system, including computer applications. Experienced in cross-cultural environment.



License, registration, or certification required to perform this position:

If applicable, include language requirement(s) as a minimum qualification for this position.

Must be a member of a recognized human resources professional body with appropriate Certificate of Practice Excellent interpersonal and communication skills



Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

List academic, technical skills or other knowledge preferred for this position.

Prior Grant management skills Proposal writing training


Applicant Types Accepted:

Local Applicants Only