Terms of Reference

The Livelihood and Economic Inclusion Associate [UNOPS] Dadaab will work in very close coordination with the Livelihood and Economic Inclusion Associate [G6] in the Protection and Solutions Unit under the overall supervision of the Snr. Protection Officer. The incumbent will support in operationalizing the strategic vision to align livelihoods and economic inclusion efforts with the Global Compact on Refugees (GCR) which underscores the need to mobilize additional actors, adopt a whole-of-society approach to strengthening self-reliance of refugees and other persons of concern (PoC) and help ease pressure on communities like Dadaab hosting large refugee population.
The incumbent will collaborate closely with UNHCR Livelihoods partners, government agencies, private sector, financial service providers and other relevant stakeholders in order to enhance economic inclusion and improve self-reliance of both persons of concern (PoC) and host community members. The incumbent will also be expected, in close coordination with relevant colleagues and under the guidance of the Snr. Protection Officer, to explore opportunities of collaboration with other cross-cutting sectors including protection, education, partnerships, research and analytics, GBV, complementary pathways and other solutions.

To document good practices and results and generate knowledge, the incumbent will work closely with colleagues in building on UNHCR databases and support regular information sharing and coordination among different humanitarian, developmental and governmental stakeholders. S/he will assist in mobilizing refugees of different age, gender, and diversity in order to ensure that all stakeholders well understand the potentials of economic inclusion of refugees and host community members, and to help communicate opportunities to beneficiaries.