Key Purpose Statement.

The role of Engineering Stores Clerk is to effect timely issuance and continuous control as per Engineering Stores Standard of Operations. The role involves receiving direct requests from various unit customers and advise fulfil their request as per availability.


Company Overview

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa is the largest African Coca-Cola bottler, accounting for 40% of all Coca-Cola volumes on the continent.  CCBA is a market leader in the NARTD non-alcoholic ready to drink market in Africa. CCBA has an extensive footprint in Africa, employing approximately 14 000 employees in Africa, and approximately 7 000 employees in South Africa.


Key Outputs and Accountabilities

Accurate Issuing of Goods

  • To issue materials to the end-user in a timeously manner
  • To ensure documentation is accurately completed
  • To ensure all transactions are accurately captured on the system
  • To ensure correct quality and quantities issued to customer requirements

Physical Inventory Verification

  • To verify inventory records from time to time as requested by the Stores Controller
  • To perform recounts for count verification
  • Assist in investigations for stock discrepancies

Return of Stock

  • To verify the return of materials to stock, by ensuring the materials are safely protected and are still in the original condition

Receipt of materials

  • To ensure materials are delivered according to Company Specifications
  • To ensure supplier access to premises is restricted
  • To ensure the protection of materials until they reach their end destination
  • To ensure materials are correctly and accurately tracked between points of delivery
  • To ensure direct deliveries are collected timeously Consumer complaints

Return to Suppliers

  • To ensure materials are protected until they can be returned to the Supplier
  • To ensure materials for return are suitably quarantined to ensure they do not inadvertently enter the process

Stores Organisation

  • To ensure the stores layout is properly maintained in line with good housekeeping practices
  • To ensure materials are not left lying around unattended

Stock Protection

  • To ensure materials are issued and received according to FIFO
  • To ensure that materials are stored and protected from sources of contamination
  • To ensure the physical storage locations are secure and controlled at all times

Accurate Binning and Labelling

  • To ensure all materials have a place and ensure that all materials are in their place
  • To ensure materials are correctly labelled according to prescribed standards
  • To ensure materials stored are in compliance with the material master specification

Adherence to Works Instruction

  • To ensure materials are controlled according to works instructions
  • To assist in the continuous improvement of works instructions
  • To actively participate in Works Instruction development

Enforce and maintain safe and secure working environment

  • To enforce and maintain safety and housekeeping standards as per OHS Act so that accidents are minimised
  • SHE standards and practices are enforced equally in respect of all team members
  • The working area conforms to SHE regulations
  • Safety reports and checklist are updated as needed
  • Incident statistics and accident reports are accurate

Analyse and solved situational problems

  • To analyse and solve situational and operational problems so that production does not shutdown.
  • Team members are empowered, encouraged and supported to solve situational,operational problems
  • Situational, operational problems are solved immediately
  • Situational, operational problems and action plans are discussed with team members and relevant customers
  • Continuous and honest communication and feedback until the problem is solved

Skills, Experience & Education


Diploma in any Engineering  related field.


Minimum 3years experience