Job Purpose:
To assist in the smooth running of the Premium Relationships, Conversion and collection function so as to achieve:

  • Optimum Business Relations.
  • Optimum Check Off Revenues.
  • Optimum Check Off Business Compliance.
  • Optimum Channel Growth.

Key responsibilities:

  • Build and maintain effective relationships with staff at the Check-off Institutions that are responsible for: Effecting and terminating (or stopping) payroll deductions, Processing monthly batch payroll deductions and Disbursement of Remittances to Britam and other institutions.
  • On boarding and ensure continuing compliance of Check-off Institutions i.e. Signing-up institutions, carryout all the compliance assessments and approvals and finally formalize the arrangement with an MoU or a Contract.
  • Launching of policyholder (or customer) payroll deductions at the Check-Off Institution for both new and existing business on a timely basis i.e., within the documented and approved cut-off dates.
  • Stop (or Terminate) policyholder (or customer) payroll deductions at the Check-Off Institution for terminated policies/accounts on a timely basis i.e., within the documented and approved cut-off dates. E.g.. for maturities and Surrenders with respect to individual life policies.
  • Monthly revenue collection on a timely basis as per the signed-off and approved timelines with the Check-off Institutions.
  • Work with various internal stakeholders within Retail Operations to ensure timely receipting and allocation of funds received from Check-off Institutions.
  • Resolve various reconciliation issues emerging between the Check-Off Institutions and Britam on a timely basis.
  • Support the growth of the Check-Off Market in their respective Region through the provision of relevant market intelligence to Branch Managers for their execution e.g., the appropriate time and place to have open days for FA’s to show-case and sell products.
  • Prepare monthly reports for the consumption and use by the respective Regional and Branch Managers in their assigned Check-off Regions.
  • Any other duties as would be assigned.
  • Delegated Authority:  As per the approved Delegated Authority Matrix.

Key Performance Measures:
As described in your Personal Score Card.


Knowledge, experience and qualifications required

 Knowledge, experience and qualifications required:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a business related field.
  • At least 2-year experience in a similar position.

Technical/ Functional competencies:

  • Knowledge of Insurance Industry and concepts.
  • Knowledge of Insurance Regulatory requirement.
  • Excellent communication and people Skills.
  • Highly patient and can walk the extra mile.
  • Demonstrable Confidence and excellent Negotiation Skills.
  • Pleasant, presentable & cuts a Business Image.
  • Adequate self-drive and possesses an Innovation/Change spirit.

How to apply

Apply online at Britam e-Recruitment portal