International Transformation Foundation (ITF) is an internationally youth led non-profit organization providing youth educational and self-development programs, encompassing leadership and entrepreneurship, to harness creativity for a youth system that provides jobs, offering security, opportunities to grow, and contribute to the development of our communities.

Since its establishment ITF has been developing and operating youth development programs to lead the youth of today as leaders with a strong heart and mind as true workers of society with creative and progressive thinking. Our current projects are:

1. Join the Pipe Project: Installing sustainable tap water stations near playgrounds, city centers, parks, schools and bus stations in Africa; for people to access clean tap water whenever possible.

The project also works to bring awareness to the environmental impact of production and waste of bottled water through two ventures:

  • A water kiosk at school: a school based and students managed business selling clean tap water to community residents. It involves financing a community school to set up an onsite water kiosk with specially designed and sustainable products for children to transport tap water at home straight from school. It is both an educational and profitable business – teaching students’ business and entrepreneurial skills, and generating much-needed income for schools.
  • Public drinking tap water station: In partnership with urban Communities/Towns/Cities we install our non-breakable drinking water station in Public places for people to access clean drinking tap water free of charge.

2. Jijenge Kijana Fund: a youth livelihood pathway offering microcredit, micro-saving and training which enables ITF members to engage in productive and stable livelihoods

3. Erasmus Plus Projects:

  • GO-PRO The main objective of the project is to create space for the development of key information and communications technology (ICT) competences in the field of programming for children and youth. The project plans on achieving this by creating GO-PRO centers where modern programming education can take place and, in the process, awaken the passion to code in the youth. This project is done in collaboration with Meritum (Poland) and International Transformation Foundation (Kenya).
  • 4Evergreen This is a project aimed at empowering the youth which ITF will implement in collaboration with the Association for European Cooperation, Development and Communication (CODEC vzw), Belgium. 4Evergreen will bridge 2 programme objectives– to support awareness raising on the environmental and climate goals and taking up innovative practices in a digital era. The project main aim thereafter is to contribute to the just and inclusive transition to sustainable living throughout empowering youth work sector across the globe to raise awareness on environmental issues by personal example and digital tools – the language of young people.


Your role as the Account & Administration Assistant is to record and maintain all records in line with statutory and operational requirements.

Primary responsibilities:

  1. Handle, record, manage and present ITF’s financial data in compliance with financial accounting regulations
  2. Overseeing the incorporation of new accounting software to streamline financial data collection
  3. In conjunction with the Public Relations Assistant and Secretary General, you are responsible for generating money for ITF’s projects.
  4. Maintain high accounting practices throughout the ITF volunteer base.
  5. Maintain engagement with existing supporters, ensuring they are aware of projects that are underway, the impact they are having, and the financial transparency of all processes.
  6. Provide administrative support to the Secretary General, Operations Director and other staff.
  7. Operate manual and computerized office systems for instance; filing and maintaining: members database, monthly and annual reports database and the contacts database.
  8. Undertake general office duties such as; dealing with post mails, faxes and e-mail, drafting and sending standard letters, photocopying and collating papers and mailings, arranging for documents to be printed, monitoring and ordering stocks of basic items such as stamps, stationery, periodicals, equipment and other items, arranging travel: hotel and accommodation etc.
  9. Administer organizational events.
  10. Contribute generally to the work of organization, undertaking such other tasks as are appropriate to the nature and scope of the post.

Person Specifications:

  1. Hold at least a Bachelors Degree in related fields such as Administration, Management, Human Resource etc.
  2. Good organizational skills, including ability to work within tight deadlines.
  3. Have excellent communication skills orally and in writing (minimally in English), excellent interpersonal and presentation skills and the ability to work with diverse individuals or group of individuals.
  4. Ability to maintain an established work schedule, with or without flexibility.
  5. Have basic computer skills including graphic communication publications.
  6. Understanding of and commitment to equal opportunities.
  7. Strong organizational and management skills- ability to multi task and prioritize.
  8. Motivated to learn and take on new challenges.
  9. Willingness and capacity to volunteer.
  10. Passion and commitment towards youth development
  11. Candidate must be in the age bracket of 18 – 30.
  12. For volunteers, a minimum of six months commitment is required.

Other requirements

The volunteer is required to work from the office; at the current time remote working is not an available option.


Although ITF Volunteer staff enjoy limitless opportunities, ITF does NOT provide any kind of compensation. ITF staff operate on full-time volunteer basis for a minimum of 6 months. Volunteers are responsible for all basic expenses such as home – office transportation, accommodation etc. ITF ONLY provides direct operational expenses such as staff transportation to meetings outside the office, field visit operations etc.

How to Apply

Complete this application form:

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For any queries get in touch through, Tel: (+254)799189233, @ITFSecretariat on Twitter & Facebook.

We DO NOT consider incomplete applications as well as candidates who are not able to cover the volunteer term expenses as mentioned in the above paragraph (Compensation).